Monday, May 28, 2012

Plan, plan and let go

For the past 100 days or so, I have been counting down until my Southeast Asian trip. Together with a friend, we plan to travel to 4 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand) for 9 days. All plane tickets and hotel reservations have already been arranged. Then a week before the trip, I was informed that I have to cut short my trip because of some "urgent" matters that I have to attend to!  I was so disappointed and honestly the excitement that I felt toward this trip somehow disappeared. I have been planning about this since last year. Endless hours of waiting for seat sales, hotel and tour promos, researching the itinerary and budgeting have been put into it to make sure that everything goes well.  And worst, I have to cancel and rebook my ticket. But I have to make do of whatever is left - and that is 4 days of travel!  We dropped Thailand but made it through the other three countries.  We spent 2 days in Singapore, 1 day in Malaysia and 1 day in Cambodia.  This is not an ideal trip my dear readers because I believe that we need to spend more time in each country to fully appreciate its beauty, history and culture.  But as I've said, I have to make do of whatever is left. I'll be posting my adventures in my upcoming posts and I'll try to give you as much info on the places that we've been to, the foods that we ate and the amount of money that we spent. So sit tight and join me in this roller coaster ride...

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