Sunday, August 26, 2012

In pursuit of the sun in Macadlao

Aside from Magasang, there is still another rock formation in Biri, Samar that is on our list.  We left Villa Amor at 4:30am to catch the sunrise at Macadlao Rock Formation.  There was still no electricity during that time so the whole town was still dark and the only light that I saw were the ones coming from our habal-habal (motorbike) as we traversed the road to the rock formation.  Our guide told us that the landscape in Macadlao is reminiscent of that in Batanes so I'm sure that it will be good.  I have always loved to shoot sunsets but it was my first time to shoot during sunrise.  I know that it's going to be beautiful and I am excited.

The habal-habal stopped and I can already see Macadlao though it seems a bit far away.  Armed with our guide's flashlight, we walked through the mangroves and an almost knee-high water.  Our imaginations wandered and thought that it was like a scene from a movie where something can just come in from the mangroves and pull us off the track.  Yeah, it was a bit scary that's why it is advisable to get a guide if you plan to get there when it's still dark.  Before we reached the rock formation, I slipped and fell on the water!  Luckily, I was able to raise my camera or else the sunrise shoot would be over for me.

One needs to walk through the mangroves to reach Macadlao
We had to hurry because the sun was already showing itself.  Our guide showed us where the best spot is and we clicked our shutters.  The sunrise in Macadlao was one of the most beautiful things that I ever saw in my entire life.  Yes, it was an effort to get there but I'll just let these photos speak of how beautiful the place is:

Our knowledgeable guide who was just as excited to see the sunrise as we are

The sun slowly showing itself

Sunrise in Macadlao

Waves crashing to the shore offers a magnificent view

Me standing on top of what our guide calls as the "Lion King" spot

Mt. Bulusan can also be seen when you're in Macadlao
After the sunrise shoot, we went around the rock formation and took more pictures.  We saw some fishermen who are doing their daily catch.  There were also a lot of birds, egrets, I think roaming around.  Macadlao is also beautiful when the sun has already risen.

The area around Macadlao is also beautiful when the light sets in

One can also see Mayon Volcano from afar

Birds flocking and eating small fishes

Looks like th "Grand Canyon"

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