Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Liliw Food Trip: Arabela Restaurant

Liliw, Laguna may be known for its slippers but is gaining quite a following these days for one of its restaurants.  Armed with an empty stomach and an appetite to try something new, my friends and I headed to Arabela Restaurant.  This restaurant is owned by Bobby and Tonet Carmello, a couple who loves to cook and eat. They named the restaurant after their daughters, Ara and Bela.

The place is quite small but cozy and it feels like families go here often to celebrate special occasions.  As soon as we got seated, we immediately browsed through its menu.  The restaurant offers a wide menu but their signature dishes are pasta and pizza. 

I only got a few shots of the foods that we ate because we were so eager to try them out as soon as they were placed on our table. :-)

Good food, good company = An awesome great time!

You can stop by at Arabela after all the slipper and shoes shopping at Liliw. It will surely revive your energies and your stomach will thank you for it.

Arabela Restaurant
503 Rizal Street, Liliw, Laguna


  1. I always visit here kasi lumang house dito marami! hehe saka masarap food nila :-)

  2. Yeah sulit naman ang pagpunta sa Liliw kasi masarap talaga food sa Arabela,