Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Taste of Mushroom Burger, Tagaytay

With all the people looking for healthy alternatives, different vegetarian and semi-vegetarian restaurants have sprung up all over the cities. One of which is Mushroom Burger in Tagaytay City. I was not able to go there when I had a Tagaytay food trip last March but I vowed to return just to try out Mushroom Burger. I have always wanted to visit this place ever since I heard of it. Quite intriguing really specially for people who love mushrooms - just like me! 

Last week when my family attended my cousin's wedding in Batangas, we passed by the Mushroom Burger restaurant and I mentioned to my sister how I would love to try out the food there. She got intrigued too and gladly volunteered to drive us to Tagaytay this weekend.

I was so excited when we entered the restaurant and I saw how simple the interiors were. When we arrived, there were only a few people dining but towards lunch time, we see a lot of people coming in mostly families. After we selected our seats, my brother and sister headed to the counter to check out their menu. These are some of the items that we ordered:

Mushroom Royal - the patty is a combination of beef and mushroom topped with cheese  as well as mushroom and egg omelet. This costs Php105 including fries and drinks.
Mushroom Sandwich - purely mushroom, this cost Php85 including fries and drinks.
Chocolate Mallows Tornado sundae - this costs Php35
Mushroom burgers, fries and sundae
They also have other selections such as noodles, chicken and rice meals for those who is not a fan of mushrooms. You can choose to dine inside but there are also some tables outside. There is a playground and a wishing well outside to keep the kids entertained. I can say that this restaurant is a really good place to hang out and bond with family over delicious mushroom burgers and fries.

Culture mushroom display inside the restaurant
Mushroom Farm - this is a restricted area but I hope they will allow people to see it also

Mushroom Burger
Km 60, Brgy. Kaybagal
Tagaytay City

Check out their website here.


  1. Ah I love mushroom burger! I've ever taste one but using different mushroom. If they have such stall, must be focusing only in mushroom, which I love. Good post!


  2. Thanks Ashree! It's nice to know that you love mushrooms too. At first, I thought the restaurant would only sell mushroom burgers but I think they thought of adding other ingredients just so the people would have a lot to choose from.