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The cheapest places to travel in 2013, from a currency point of view

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Do you enjoy travelling, like Che? Then check out this table to find out the cheapest places to travel in 2013, in terms of where you can get the most foreign currency!

 Country and Currency
 Current exchange rate for US dollars:
Best US dollar exchange rate since: 
% US dollar has climbed in 2013: 
India (Rupee) 
All-time best 
Turkey (Lira) 
All-time best  
 Brazil (Real)
 April 2009 (50 months)
 Indonesia (Rupiah)
September 2009          (47 months) 
South Africa (Rand) 
 November 2009       (42 months)
 Australia (AU dollar)
September 2010          (21 months) 
 New Zealand             (NZ dollar)
 June 2012 (12 months)
Singapore (SG dollar) 
June 2012 (12 months) 
Thailand (Baht) 
 November 2012          (7 months)
Mexico (Peso) 
 December 2012          (6 months)

So for example, right now is the best ever time to travel to India. This is because you can exchange US dollars for Indian rupees at a higher exchange rate than ever before!

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