Sunday, July 8, 2012

Putrajaya, Malaysia in Two Hours

Malaysia was the second country on our fast paced Southeast Asian trip last May. It was more like we had a layover in Malaysia since we will be traveling to Siem Reap, Cambodia afterwards. Aside from the Petronas Tower, I wanted to go to Malaysia because of the Astaka Morocco Pavilion in Putrajaya. I have seen an HDR photograph of the pavilion in the web and researched about it ever since. So as soon as we arrived in Kuala Lumpur LCCT airport, we hopped on a shuttle bus going to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya (PJC) station.  The shuttle bus dropped us off to Salak Tinggi station where we will ride a train going to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

KLIA Ekspres at Salak Tinggi Station

When we arrived at PJC station, we availed of the two-hour tour around the area.  Aside from the budget taxi, there are other options that you can choose from. There’s even a limousine service if you don’t mind paying such a hefty price.  We paid the cheapest price which is RM75 for the budget taxi and the tour. Since we were there at around noon, it was so hot and the aircon inside the taxi doesn’t seem to work.  The driver also doesn’t seem to understand English that much.  But hey, this is all part of the adventure and we can’t complain. We have two hours to cover as many places as possible. We felt like we were in the Amazing Race because every time we stopped at a certain place, we hurriedly got off the car and took pictures as fast as we can before heading to our next destination.

In two hours, we were able to cover the following places:

The Seri Gemilang Bridge which serves as the main entrance to Putrajaya.
Putrajaya International Convention Center

Putrajaya Water Sports Complex
Palace of Justice

Putra Mosque

Perbadanan Putrajaya
The Perdana Putra which houses the office complex of the Prime Minister of Malaysia
Our two hours is almost up and we still have one more place to go to - the Astaka Morocco or the Moroccan Pavilion inside the Botanical Garden.  There were very few information available in the web about the Astaka Morocco and I was so glad that we were able to go there.  I really love Astaka Morocco because of its unique Moroccan and Moorish architecture.  Since one item in my travel bucket list is to go to Morocco, this is somewhat a dream come true.

The entrance to Astaka Morocco
Intricate design on the walls of Astaka Morocco
Happy as happy can be..
Saying bye bye to Putrajaya


  1. Girl, where did you flag down the taxi for the 2-hr tour around Putrajaya? Was it in Putrajaya Sentral? How much was it? Is the MYR 75 good for two persons?


  2. Yes Paula when you go down the Putrajaya train station, you will see a booth that offers tours. There are a lot of taxis and you can choose from there. Trips are usually 2 hrs but the type of taxis vary. We only availed of the budget taxi tour for RM75, that's for the entire taxi. You can split the cost with your companions. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hey there! After your Putrajaya tour, did you head back to the airport or did you go to KL sentral? May I know how much was the fare from LCCT to putrajaya? TIA!

    1. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. From LCCT to Putrajaya, we rode a bus for RM 5.50 each. Then after the Putrajaya tour, we took a train going to KL Sentral to see the Petronas Towers.